Léon The Professional Review (Spoilers)

My Thoughts On Léon The Professional.

So for today's blog I wanted to give my overall thoughts on Léon The Professional, perhaps going in detail on some things. Over the weekend I finally got the chance to watch Léon The Professional, I've always heard good things about it but I never sought it out so I decided I might as well rent it, so I rented it and my Lord, this film is amazing. The two leads Léon and Mathilda play by Jean Reno and Natalie Portman was outstanding, their relationship throughout the film feels organic, and also naturally growing. Keep in mind this is a spoiler review so if you haven't watched the film, treat yourself, this is a great quality watch worth owning. So the overall story is about a hitman who gets stuck with this child and they develop a relationship that grows into them loving each other, Mathilda loving Léon on a more intimidate level but it never crosses that line which I'm glad to say because that would've been weird, but they ca…

Justice League First Reactions

Justice League First Reactions Hit Twitter.

So yesterday evening, few critics were allowed to share their quick reactions to Justice League on Twitter. I won't go thoroughly through each one, but the overall feel we get from the tweets. So overall, all tweets are luke warm to positive, the two common negatives that are addressed by most reactions is a thin story and weak villian. Then of course some of the positives are each member of the team, their dynamic together, and the lighter tone. Then, each critic says either this is a big or small step in the right direction which is positive in my opinion.

Whether or not the step is huge or small, the fact is so far the movie isn't divisive at all. They got the most important thing to do in a superhero movie done and that's make the characters intriguing. Have us by the end of the film want to see more of each of the characters and want to see them together again. If this film continues to get positive reviews, then that will m…

Dark Universe Dead?

The Dark Universe Producers Depart.
Today The Hollywood Reporter reported that both Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan have hereby departed the Dark Universe franchise. Both men were the head producers of the Dark Universe and helped come out with scripts and ideas for characters in this franchise. They had a writers room that had stories for characters such as Van Helsing and The Invisible Man, Kurtzman even directed the first Dark Universe movie, The Mummy. Due to the lack of  decent reviews and an underwhelming domestic box office the Dark Universe seemed to pump the brakes right away. The Mummy did make its money back and more but only in the worldwide box office so it was a big risk that barely paid off.
So now with this news of Kurtzman and Morgan departing, the Dark Universe is left with no one at the helm of the ship. Also with them leaving, everything has come to an abrupt stop in the writers room and any discussions of another movie. Universal Studios even pulled the plug on the…

Hellboy (2004) Review

My Thoughts On Hellboy (2004).

So I understand this movie is 13 years old but with the new Hellboy movie announced and also now a character in Injustice 2, I thought why not review it. With the new Hellboy movie in the works with David Harbour as the star character, I decided to go back and watch the movie because I really do love Ron Perlman's interpretation of Hellboy. If you would like to rewatch the movie or actually see it for the first time, it's on Netflix and it's a fun dark tale. So now to talk about the movie, Guillermo Del Toro's version of Hellboy is very mythological and paying homage to Mike Mignola's work on Hellboy. I love that Del Toro doesn't try to go out of his way to ground this film, this is a movie about a demon that will bring an end to the world so he's not afraid of making you suspend your belief.

I love that Hellboy's origin is tied into the history of Hitler investigating supernatural things to gain an upperhand in the war wh…

Thor Ragnarok Non-Spoilers Review

My Thoughts On Thor Ragnarok.

So for today's blog I wanted to give my quick thoughts for Thor Ragnarok and whether or not I liked the film. Well I mean to start off, yes, I really enjoyed the film from start to finish but of course there are knitpicks here and there. I also wanted to start off with people getting upset with others that say the film is a comedy, well, the thing is that I do believe it's a Marvel comedy. What I mean by this is that Marvel does a great job blending genres for each of their films. Whether it be The Winter Soldier which is a superhero/70's spy thriller or in Thor Ragnarok's case, a sci-f fantasy/comedy. A good amount of characters in the film have their comedic moments such as Thor, Hulk, Surtur, Valkyrie, and Hela.

Don't get me wrong, there are very serious moments with each of the character but Taika Waititi is a generally funny guy and each of his movies has his style of comedy, also, from seeing the movie with a huge audience, I can…

Early Critic Screenings For Justice League

Confirmed Early Critic Screenings For Justice League.

So today there have been many critics posting pictures of the Justice League screening they have gotten, but they said they can't say a word about it. The embargo is still in place for the day before the premiere of the movie. So where exactly do we stand with this movie? Well it is hard to say, the movie is still two weeks out so are they evaluating what the critics think of the movie? Perhaps they will take this entire week to figure out wheher or not the critics overall like the movie or not so there is the chance that we won't have official reviews for quite a while. Though let's say critics love the movie, what exactly can be holding them back from letting critics let the general audience know what they think?

Well, there's this little movie that literally came out today called Thor Ragnarok that might be why Warner Bros. is holding back. Now to be real, Thor Ragnarok has so much buzz and anticipation that surr…

Stranger Things 2 Spoilers

My Thoughts On Stranger Things Season 2 (SPOILERS!!!)

So for this blog I really want to emphasize upfront that I will be talking spoilers for the entire show so great yourself if you haven't watched the show yet, go watch it. So first off, I actually watched Season 1 before all the hype so I wasn't affected by that, but the hype for Season 2 did get to me, luckily, the show goes well beyond whatever hype there was leading up to it. We get so much more character development along with some news characters that never feels forced, or like you're not getting much of one character and a lot of another. My favorite character of the series is David Harbour's character Jim Hopper, partly due to the fact that he's gonna be Hellboy, but also because he's well written and now he has a lot of time with Eleven. I love that in the first episode it ends with him going to his hideout, and then you see Eleven and it makes you wonder what exactly happened.

Of course you find ou…